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Ever since Luke Steel magically appeared out of my friend's pool (okay, maybe not magically but leave me my dreams, dammit!) I have been thinking about him non-stop. I pictured him with another guy, and not just any guy. I couldn't stop seeing him with Derrek Diamond. Now, Luke had never done a shoot with another guy before. But when we did his first solo shoot, and then his following toy shoot, I could tell that he was ready. Derrek has been sporting a new look these days. Gone is his clean cut boyish innocent look. He's let his hair grow a bit, wearing it in hot and spiky, with some nice thick sideburns and a facial scruff that brings out a darker more manly look. I loved it, but wasn't sure if it would translate to the shoot well until the second I turned on the camera and he attacked Luke's dick like he was a hungry animal. Seeing this new rugged looking Derrek with Luke's hot hairy gorgeous body made me realize why I wanted to pair these guys up in the first place. They were perfect for each other. And Derrek made Luke's first time just right, showing him the kinds of pleasures that only a man knows how to give another man. And Luke was obviously enjoying it, with his soft breathy moans. He started off just letting Derrek do his thing, but it wasn't long before he was grabbing Derrek's spiky locks and force feeding him the gorgeous cock that swings heartily between his legs. Derrek was loving every minute of it and when Luke covered his face and chest in creamy jizz it was like he flipped the 'O' switch, sending Derrek into a full body orgasm that you have to see to believe.
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November 10th 2008 Gay Video Update

With a beautiful deep tan, naturally smooth skin and strikingly handsome looks, Dax Mathews is a welcome addition to the Randy Blue family. From the first day I met Dax I knew you guys were going to love him. Visiting from Texas, his southern drawl might seem out of place in Los Angeles, but it just makes him all the more adorable. I knew he had a killer body when I took a look at the photos he sent me, but they did not come close to the splendor that hit my eyes when he got to my office and enthusiastically disrobed. There was really not much need for discussion after that and we got right into the shoot. For someone who's never modeled before he's right at home in front of the camera. Watching him jerk his meat you just want to lick his entire body. And the look of sheer pleasure that is on his face as he's working his johnson shows you just how much the experience is getting him off. It's obvious he loves knowing that you are watching him and he wants to put on a great show for you. He gets his dick all slick and shiny with lube and works his hand up and down the shaft, making sure to squeeze and caress the head on each stroke, to the point where you can almost feel him doing it to you as well. His other hand gingerly explores the rest of his body, lightly brushing against an erect nipple, feeling the ridges of his six-pack abs, reaching around to run his hand over his smooth, perfectly round butt and then back up to get a handful of a nice, hard pec. He loves sports and has found the perfect balance between the aggressive full body sports, such as Soccer and Football, to the sports that build balance and coordination (where the details of the muscles get the best workouts) such as Golf. Round that out with a good round of weightlifting and you can see why Dax Mathews has such a fine body.


October 8th 2008 Gay Video Update

 I can see him reaching his mid-twenties and developing the sexiest furry chest. His incredible furry legs are a great start and I love that he leaves all of his body hair totally natural, with no shaving or trimming. He was so hot in his first video, jerking off outside, quiet and reserved yet boiling underneath with hormones and passion. I wanted to see how much of that I could bring out of him, so I asked if he would be into the idea of doing a toy video. He was totally into it and on the day of the shoot I set him up with a nice natural looking dildo in the shape of a cock and balls. He looked so hot as he worked it into his waiting hole. After his understated solo I wasn't prepared for the sounds of soft moaning that he let out as he vigorously worked the dildo in and out of his ass. He was getting so into it that he was soon ready for more and grabbed the larger vibrating toy off the counter. It was obvious he was loving the feel of the dildo as it slid in and out, manipulating it from side to side and all around, hitting all the good parts and letting himself go, being as loud as he wanted to be. Pretty soon he was ready for release, pulled the dildo out and blew a huge spunky load all over his pubes.


October 4th 2008 Gay Video Update

A nine inch penis is something many of us dream about but don't always get to experience. Not everyone is as excited about a huge tool as I am, so when it comes to pairing up someone who's carrying a thick piece of prime beef between their legs with someone who's going to take it, you need to find someone with a hungry hole. When I told Colby Keller that he was going to get a ride on Leo Giamani's nine incher I didn't know if I should expect excitement or fear. When I saw that charming smile of his creep across his bearded face I knew I had hit the jackpot. Plus just seeing these two studs go at it, no matter what they are doing, is just hot as fuck. And while some guys might be intimidated by Leo's swingin' sirloin, Colby dove head first on it, determined to fit as much of it into his mouth as possible. Colby could give lessons in sucking cock and you can tell that he efforts were driving Leo wild! It wasn't long before Leo was ready to bang some ass, but not before he prepared the area... with his tongue! With his low hangers dangling between his beefy legs, he dove his tongue deep into Colby's hole and got him so horny he was practically begging for Leo's piledriver. You could hear the moans for miles as Leo pounded Colby's hole good. And Colby was loving it, changing positions to get the full effect of Leo's talented fucking. It got him so hot that he shot his nut nectar with Leo's giant cock deep inside him, and when he was doing spilling his seed, Leo shot a massive load all over his furry little treasure trail.


September 24th 2008 Gay Video Update

Alex Eden has been part of the Randy Blue family for years. He took a little break for a while but he's back now and looking incredible. He's toned down a lot of the bodybuilder's bulk he used to sport but kept all of the muscle. So he's now got a killer bod and with his buzz cut and facial scruff he's like a new man. All the things you loved about Alex Eden but enhanced with an all new look. He gave RBL viewers a first hand look at his new mojo and they couldn't get enough! I wanted his return to Randy Blue to be something special so I figured I'd put him with one of our newest established models, Brandon James. Brandon's recent toy video was hot, I really wanted to see him sucking some cock. This is his first blow job in a Randy Blue video and he was a natural. But then again, when you're with Alex Eden, it can't get any easier. Alex is so sexy and so much fun that the scenes sort of run themselves. Alex showed him how it was done by going down on him first. Taking the whole of his cock down his throat and making Brandon go all quiet with his eyes closed tight. You can tell he was just lost in the feelings of what Alex was doing to him. Pretty soon Alex lay him out on the bed and got him moaning and really getting into it. Then they flipped around and did a really hot 69, with Brandon getting his first taste of Randy Blue cock! Then it was time for Brandon to fly solo and let Alex sit back and enjoy the ride. Judging from Alex's expression and breathy gasps, Brandon is a quick study. It wasn't long before both of them were just bursting and needing to cum badly. They jerked themselves to completion giving a great contrast with Brandon shooting all over his smooth chest and Alex getting cum stuck in that gorgeous fur covering his chest.


September 10 2008 Gay Video Update

I had no idea that putting Johnny Angel and Lucky Daniels in a room together would be like mixing two different types of gunpowder and lighting it on fire... and then throwing in some firecrackers... and maybe a few bottle rockets for good measure. Anyone who saw their appearance together on Randy Blue Live can tell you it was one of the strangest shows we've done. Johnny is such a spitfire, full of life and energy. He was telling Lucky about his interest in wrestling before the show and once the cameras were rolling he couldn't stop slamming him on the bed. Two naked guys wrestling on camera, it was strangely erotic. Definitely something you don't see every day on Randy Blue. People kept asking me if these guys had hooked up before the show because of the amazing energy they had together. Well to everyone who asked, today's update will answer all your questions. Before all the wrestling, horsing around, and giggling there was the afternoon they spent alone with Lucky giving Johnny his very first man on man action. Up until this point, Johnny had only ever kissed another guy. He had never had a chance to hook up with someone, especially not with someone as hot as Lucky Daniels. You can tell how attracted they are to each other and there is something so incredible about watching a guy who's just starting to explore his sexual interests having his first ever blowjob buy a hot porn model. And as much as Johnny admires Lucky, he's got a lot going for himself. His adorable face and great body obviously had Lucky's attention. Watch this video then check out the archives for their live show. It's two very different experiences that go well together.


September 8 2008 Gay Video Update

Gabriel Shams is a walking paradox. At once soft-spoken yet extremely self-confident. He identifies as gay yet admits that certain women turn him on. He's got boyish features but with his trimmed beard and amazing body he's all man. You can't help but get engulfed in the sensuality of his body. Sure the sweet face and bright smile put you at ease, leaving you unprepared for the assault on your senses this hot sexual being is going to lay on you. Than you see his muscular chest, the pecs dotted with a light spattering of hair which gets thicker as a tiny trail leads down to a lush patch covering his chiseled abs. He reaches down with his strong arms to lower his underwear, revealing that the fur on his stomach reaches down to a nice patch of neatly trimmed (but not overly coiffed) pubes. From the base of musculature and fur rises a beautiful long work of art that Gabriel works and reworks like a fine sculpture, pulling it semi-erect from it's cloth prison and working it to full hardness, then manipulating it until it leaks a generous supply of precum. He doesn't stop there. After giving his cock loads of attention he moves downward so he can fondle his balls and tease his hole a little. He'll give you quite a show but wants to leave you a little hungry for more. But not to worry because once he goes back to working that hard cock of his your drawn back into his world just in time to see him shoot a load that spurts all the way up his chest and almost to his shoulder, coating his chest from top to bottom in fresh warm spunk.


September 6 2008 Gay Video Update

Sometimes I see two guys so frequently that I almost forget they have never actually met. Take James Hawk and Trent Davis, for instance. James is one of my Randy Blue fixtures. He always looks amazing with his light brown hair, golden tanned skin and sexy southern accent. He's also a real trouper. He's open to almost anything and will always deliver. Then there's Trent. It's hard to believe he hasn't even been with us for a full year yet and he's already made quite a name for himself. This guy is a sexual powerhouse. He loves sex and when he goes into a video or a live show he gives it his all. I also love the way he changes his look with various types of facial hair. But no matter what he does he always looks amazing. When I realized it was time for these two to do a video together I had no idea it would be quite this amazing. James definitely takes control and you can tell that Trent is more than happy to give it up. Just wait until you see the way these two get it on. James really gives it to Trent good, with lots of dirty talk and aggressive fucking. Trent is not only soaking it all up, he's begging for more. These two have outdone themselves. And James does not just make Trent cum, it's like he draws it out of him, causing a geyser that shoots straight up into the air. But James isn't about to leave it at that, he shoots his own load all over Trent's cum covered chest as if marking his territory. This video is wild, it's nasty and it's loud, so crank it up and make the neighbors think you're a sex god.

September 6 2008 Gay Video Update

Remind me to kiss Brent Diggs next time I see him. Brent is the one who is responsible for bringing Brandon James to Randy Blue. Brandon was turning heads on the street as he made his way into our studio, and with his 6'1" wall of muscle, handsome face and the wild modified mohawk he sports, it's no wonder people stop and take a second look. He said he loves Southern California because with the warm temperatures he gets to walk around shirtless more often and aren't we all much better off for that. His first solo was amazing, getting to watch this stud show off his hot body and work on his cock. He also had so much fun during his live show which always makes it more fun for the guys who are watching, and hopefully jerking along. During his show I was really interested in the beautiful artwork that adorns his back and really wanted to do something that would feature it more. I figured a toy video would give me an excuse to linger on that gorgeous muscular back of his and the giant inked rattlesnake who lives on it. Man, was I wrong. Once he starts pounding that ass with the array of toys we gave him there's not a gay man alive who could focus on anything but that gorgeous ass of his. I honestly don't know if he's done this before but if he hasn't he's a natural. You can see it in his face how much he's enjoying invading his ass with the smooth glass dildo. He doesn't just slide it in, he knows how to move it around so it hits all the right places. And that's just a primer. He's ready to move on to the big gun but he takes a moment to soak in the pleasure, leaving his ass exposed and waiting, hungry for more. It's almost beckoning you to ram your own cock deep inside. Then he brings out a hearty dildo, this one with a handle that he can use to easily hit every inch. His sexy moaning reveals how much he gets into ass play. He winds down the video by finally giving his cock some major attention, and by this time it's not long before it erupts all over his massive smooth chest.

September 6 2008 Gay Video Update

There was a song that once said, 'I wish they all could be California girls'. Every time I meet a guy from Southern California I think to myself, someone really needs to remake this song to pay tribute to all of the amazingly hot guys we have here. I had to laugh when California Girls was playing on the radio as I was on my way to meet Macon Tyler for the first time. He's the exact kind of guy they should remake this song for. He's got such a beautiful body. Smooth chest with a pair of hard pecs you just want to take a bite of, delicious sculpted abs and an awesome pair of cumgutters (those ridges that appear just under the abs that make a 'V' shape heading down towards the crotch. And of course those sexy ridges draw your eyes right to his cock, which he handles with quite a bit of skill. This isn't his first experience jacking off on the internet and you can tell that he's perfectly at ease, perhaps even a little excited, at the idea of jerking his cock in front of tons of adoring fans. When he made his recent appearance on Randy Blue Live you could tell he was very relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. He gets into such a zone while working his throbbing member, making these soft breathy sighs. I'm totally fascinated by the sounds guys make while they're getting off. Some are moaners, some are completely still, and others, like Macon, are heavy breathers. And I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a heavy breather. I'm also a sucker for a great cumshot and when Macon closed his eyes, bit his lip and shot a big load all over that six-pack of his I knew this one was a keeper.

September 5 2008 Gay Video Update

It's late at night. You're at the gym and have just finished up your workout. They'll be closing up soon and you're all alone. You're hot, sweaty and extremely horny. As you head to the showers all you can think about is getting home to rub one out. Or perhaps you'll do it in the showers since nobody is around. Then you see him. That cute guy you were eying up earlier but had to be sly so he didn't see you. You thought he had left but there he is. Do you say something? You don't want to be rude. Maybe a few choice words will reveal the possibilities. Will he follow your lead? Will he take the opportunity to take control? Will something happen and, if so, will you get caught? All these questions were running through my head when I took Dustin River and Lucas Vick to work out at my gym. As I watched the two of them working out, bodies shiny with sweat, my mind began to race. They both looked so good with the muscles of their lean bodies getting a good workout. I recalled Dustin mentioning one time that he wondered what it would be liked to be seduced in a gym with the thought of someone walking in at any moment. I talked to the guy that runs the gym and made arrangements and Dustin quickly found out. If you notice and extra gleam in his eyes it's because he was getting to try something he's been really wanting too. Plus I told him the security guard was wandering around and didn't know what we were up to. That really added to the fun. And Lucas always has a blast no matter what situation I throw him into, so I knew this would be fun for both of them. And I love the way Lucas' ass pumps while Dustin is cumming, right before unloading his own jizz all down Dustin's smooth chest.


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